September 5, 2015

Destructive Labels

Destructive Labels
Destructive Labels

Destructive Labels Printing

When removed, the destructive labels security seal will self-destruct in a manner to signal that the security seal has been broken. Optically identifiable tamper evident destructive labels for security seals are ideal for use to prevent misuse of valuable parts under warranty, pilferage, identifying genuine material, approved or rejected material. With tamper evident destructive stickers and labels, you can ensure that a label cannot be removed and reapplied because of very weak and brittle substrate and aggressive adhesive to ensure that the label fractures into component bits if any attempt is made to remove it and this provides an economic way of sealing a variety of surfaces for tamper proof and anti counterfeit purposes.
Destructive security labels are used for anti counterfeiting, brand protection and tamper evident seals. Destructible labels are used for authentication, theft reduction and protection against counterfeit on equipments, instruments, electronic parts and components in industrial and manufacturing sectors. Destructive  stickers and labels are made out of ultra destructible material, with very strong adhesive. Once stuck on any product, they cannot be removed in a single piece and will get fragmented upon removal. These destructive labels, upon attempt to remove, will fracture and rupture into small destructive bits which cannot be mended, leaving behind the tamper evidence. These destructive stickers and labels can be provided with barcodes and serial numbers for added security.
With a full range of in-house facilities we supply these tamperproof destructive labels for industries and equipments manufacturers in Toronto and all over other cities across Canada and the USA. Let your company look professional with our high-quality tamper evident security seal destructive labels without the high cost. Our digital label printing process allows us to print affordably in small quantities of destructive labels with serialization, void labels, warranty labels, warning labels, silver void labels, white void labels and the security labels. Feel free to request an instant quote at any time to find the price for printing your custom ultra removable repositionable stickers and decals orcontact us for assistance.

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