September 5, 2015

Block Out Labels

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Block Out Labels

Block out Labels Printing

Water-proof opaque block out stickers are not see-through at all, concealing what lies underneath with a strong adhesive. Block-out labels are used to blockout or cover up something when they are applied to or masking purpose. These block-out labels have a very opaque and do not permit any show through. With digital printing technology, we could create and digital print opaque block out labels in many different sizes, shapes or colors. Affordable block out security labels protect your confidential printed information or conceal the mis-printed or revised information. Block out stickers conceal sensitive information or incorrect text.
Permanent opaque adhesive prevents any printing underneath from showing through. The opaque blocked out material hides and conceals old text and these are ideal for reusing packaging. Enabling the existing packing to be reused saves time and money with block out stickers. Block out label stickers enable retailers to over-label existing information, such as hiding price, blocking out and covering-up the previous product information underneath. Blocked out material is treated on the backing or with adhesive which gives the increased opacity, allowing effective covering of previous printed information. Great for covering up old bar codes, prices, addresses or maintaining the information confidential. All weather-proof and water-proof custom printed block out labels are commonly made for concealing the text or graphics info. We have other options of custom labels for promotional products which include lip balm labels, sunscreen labels, bottle labels and specialty food labels. Looking for custom block out labels in Toronto, Canada or for the USA, feel free to request an instant quote at any time to find the price for custom printed block out stickers or contact us for assistance.