September 5, 2015

Clear Removable Labels

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clear removable labels with white ink
Clear removable labels are the perfect alternative to conventional static clings. They look and feel the same as the clear static clings. Clear removable labels are backed with removable adhesive which holds them intact on place and will not let them fall off. These are easily removable, peelable. And when you want to peel them off, they are removed clean without any residue left behind. Removable clear labels are ideal for clean, dry, smooth and non porous surface application. Removable clear labels are repositionable and reusable. With our white ink printing technology, premium white ink printing effects are easier and more affordable to produce on these removable labels. With white ink printing, you can achieve exceptional brightness, density and opacity. All brightened with the crisp boldness of white ink. With a white ink layer behind all the colors on the label, the colors will not appear washed out. By adding a layer of white ink on clear labels, it will make the colors stand out more and the color is less likely to change with the contents of the container that it will stick on.
Clear removable labels can provide a unique "no label look" on your product container. You can achieve great effects with white ink layers behind the colors. They are waterproof, all weatherproof. These can be used for all year round, indoor or outdoor - exterior utility. Clear removable labels are extremely versatile with their vast utility for car parking stickers, oil change stickers on car wind-shields, car window stickers, promotional labels,  decorative stickers, for variable data printing and bumper stickers. We provide a fast turnaround time with an average of 3 days. Contact us for bright and crisp full color print quality for your clear removable labels. Get your quote now for short runs and quick turnaround.