September 5, 2015

Double Sided Stickers

Double Sided Labels
Double Sided Labels
Double sided stickers are printed on both the faces of the sticker, front and the back. These are used to stick on clear glass doors and windows. Your message is visible on both the sides. These double sided decals are used on car windshield too. Double side stickers are all weatherproof and waterproof for all the year round use. These are self adhesive with your choice of permanent type or removable type adhesive. The PUSH and PULL stickers are an example of double face decals. Double sided stickers and two face stickers serve a dual purpose as these are visible from both the sides of the glass window exposing your marketing and advertising message from both the sides.

Double sided stickers

often have same or sometimes different messages or designs on both the sides as required. Credit card acceptance message, directional guides and advertisements are some common examples. These come on sheets and are easy peel n stick type. With removable type double sided labels it becomes easy to apply and remove them easily when required.  At Multicolor Labels we help your company look professional with our high quality full double sided labels digital printing. Go digital labels for custom product labels, frosted etched decals or reflective vinyl labels and bulk packaging labels. Contact us for assistance and custom quotes for short runs and low minimums on double sided labels printing.