September 5, 2015

Handicap Stickers

blue reflective vinyl labels

Versatility, performance and durability come together when prinitng blue reflective Handicap Stickers  - the results being attractive reflective blue labels, decals and stickers that help impact people with more visiblility. More and more professionals, workers, and pedestrians who find themselves in the working area, public places and roadways at night are demanding high visibility blue reflective vinyl labels to protect themselves with immediate attention impact. These blue reflective custom labels are highly durable and brighter than other materials for added safety and attention grabbing particularly in low lit areas. Our reflective Handicap Stickers are lightweight, flexible and comformable to curves, rivets or irregular surfaces available in custom sizes and shapes with your logos, graphics and text.

Night time visibility increases dramatically with the blue reflective vinyl labels as these shine with brilliance wherever the need be due to the reflective nature of the film. All of our reflective products are DOT and ASTM rated and approved in all 50 states in the USA and Canada. High intensity, 7 Year Flexible engineering grade ASTM D 4956-01 Type-I Blue Reflective Vinyl. These reflective blue labels are great for their utility in medical and hospital uses, for handicap stickers and public utilities, ambulances, police, construction, warning and safety systems. These are an excellent safeguard on bicycles, helmets and as hard hat stickers - whenever a need be for night time vision. At Multicolor Labels we print different types of serial number labels, variable data labels, high visibility reflective vinyl stickers, retro reflective vinyl labels, void labels and medical and hospital labels for unique identification. We use the digital printing technology for your custom made blue reflective vinyl labels in all shapes and sizes making it easy and affordable. Whether you are printing blue reflective vinyl labels, fluorescent labels, security labels, specialty labels or hard hat stickers feel free to contact us to request a quote at any time for short runs and low minimums.