September 5, 2015

Heat Transfer Labels

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Heat Transfer Labels Printing

We do heat transfer labels for polyester and cotton fabrics. Increase your sales with these custom labels stickers application on clothing, garments and apparels. Heat transfer labels are a great solution for value addition of products. Heat transfer labels represent a valuable bridge to success in marketing and advertising. These Heat transfer labels are best for an extremely versatile brand identification solution for garment value addition and decorations for all textiles, apparel sectors, for intimate apparels, industrial work wear sector, performance sportswear, high-street fashions, for sports t-shirts, athletic wear or baby wear, newborn bodysuits and for the fleece or soft woven items. Heat transfer stickers and labels represent a valuable bridge to success in marketing and advertising. With heat transfer stickers and labels, get an unparalleled technical performance and an undeniable customer satisfaction with industrial and company promotional products and branding the products. Heat transfers add value to multiple products lines of t-shirts, garments, caps, mouse pads, tote bags and text lettering. Heat transfer labels are a smart way to turn up the heat on brand impact. Heat transfer labels, stickers and decals are the “tag-less tags” for a great number of options for customers who want to brand their items without the bulk orders. We specialize in producing a wide range of heat transfer printed labels serving the needs of textiles garments, promotional products, shoes and handbag factories. We produce various kinds of heat transfer printed labels in-house to cater to all value addition sectors - delivering the best quality of products in the fastest possible time with competitive price.
Heat transfer is a labeling technology in which full color digital printed heat transfer labels are transferred off from a special release liner onto the imprintable substrate using heat and pressure. Heat transfers could provide a seamless, aesthetic, no-label look application in a variety of shapes and sizes for accurate label placement. Heat transfers provide great adhesion and durability even in high moisture environments. They are squeeze and product resistant, light fast and have a high degree of ink opacity. Heat transfer labels are essential for those in wholesale trade, suppliers of merchandise and manufacturers to attain the value addition and a great look technology on apparels with simple, safer, and cost effective decoration while reducing scrap, energy consumption and floor space needed for production.

Full color vibrant and powerful heat transfer labels are ideal for those in wholesale trade, suppliers of merchandise and manufacturers creating garments and mugs that truly stand out. We offer specialty customized heat transfer labels to provide capabilities for sharp bright colors - a high-energy palette to inspire creativity. Metallic sparkles, no-label look heat transfers, glossy look imprinted heat transfer labels, stretch heat transfers for spandex and performance wears. White ink? No problem. Extra whites or white ink back grounds to match up for dark colors or clear back ground imprints for light colors. White back-ground prints for black t-shirts or the dark t-shirts. Need the job done last minute? Bring it over to us... we love the challenge of doing overnite labels express orders!

Our digital printing services for heat transfer labels, stickers and decals are ideal for those in wholesale trade, suppliers of merchandise and industrial manufacturers in need of fast turnaround times, for our clients in Toronto and all across Canada and the USA. Go digital labels for unique identification or on clear see through vinyl films or as other options of custom made stickers and fluorescent labels. Looking for a price? Contact us to get an instant, no-obligation quote at any time, to find the price of custom heat transfer labels and stickers.


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