September 5, 2015

High Bond Labels

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High Bond Labels Printing

Industrial grade high bond labels are good for extremely challenging applications where durability and adhesion are paramount. These will withstand extreme cold weather conditions too. Heavy duty tough high bond labels withstand harsh chemical conditions or where abrasion and rubbing  actions are involved. Highly durable, outdoor quality tough high bond fluorescent labels are strong with aggressive bonding. These are waterproof and all weatherproof. Avail our digital printing services for industrial grade high bond glue labels that are a super sticky stuff! If metal labels are ruled out and color is a necessity, digital printed industrial grade high bond labels will provide the solution. These industrial grade high bond labels are conformable to rounded surfaces without wrinkling, resist shrinking, cracking, peeling and have UV inhibitors to resist against yellowing. Hi-bond adhesive labels stick to low energy plastic surface or to powder-coated paint surfaces. These strong glue labels stay stuck. With high bond glue labels you know that your labels will stay on and not end up as a failure to removing off. The durable labels, stickers and decals that can take a real beating. These hi-bond labels conform well to rounded or complex surfaces for rugged, outdoor applications. High bond labels have excellent hiding power for opacity but still conformable to complex curved and rounded surfaces. Ask for extra tough hi-bond stickers that are thick, tough and anti-slip that will grip well to most challenging situations. These extra anti-slip tough hi-bond labels are durable, thick grip well for heavy duty applications that provide an extremely durable barrier with resistance to failure in abusive applications. Use the thicker extra tough high bond non-skid labels for extremely durable uses on surfaces for resistance to failure in abusive circumstances. We offer high bond waste disposal decals for dumpsters that are tear-proof and chemical resistant . These extra hi-bond labels will conform easier to complex curves too.
High bond glue labels are made up of pliable substrate with hi bond glue, a special adhesive that is very hi-tack, non-slip, and has excellent adhesion to low energy plastics such as fenders and number plates on motorcycles and quads to remain strong and withstand the tough conditions. These labels are used as solar panel labels, electric transit car labels and electric motor vehicle labels.  These digital printed custom high bond labels, stickers and decals are the products used for plastic motorbike tanks and are dish-washer safe in dish-washing appliances. Digital printed super sticky high bond labels, stickers or decals are used for low energy polyethylene  surfaces, for use in extreme cold weather conditions, used as custom made compliance labels for boats, aircraft and heavy machinery equipment.
When customers need a thicker media that is very durable, Hi-Bond, with UV protection, with super aggressive bonding that will stick to polyethylene plastics, a very long - 7 year outdoor life to stick to low energy plastics - the quick answer is hi-bond labels. These high bond labels are used by the people who make decals and graphics for plastic fenders on motorcycles, jet skis, etc. since this high bond labels have a very aggressive adhesive and is made to comply with irregular surfaces.

Digital printed hi-bond labels for industrial uses on equipment, machinery components and products have an aggressive adhesion system that can be applied to almost all surfaces including polypropylene, polyethylene, and other low surface energy plastics. These high bond labels, stickers and decals can hold up to the extreme conditions these activities require and the pressure of power washing.

Thicker is better with xtra tough hi-bond labels. This is an ideal replacement for domed labels because of its thickness, it looks and feels puffy like the domed labels. Many markets will ask for such thick labels like the domed labels. And now we have it for you! With glossy luster, extra hi-bond labels for high challenge surfaces, extreme temperatures, and long exterior adhesive application. These hi-bond labels are made from a flexible PVC with a high bond adhesive backing which makes the label almost impossible to remove. Hi-bond labels with highly aggressive permanent adhesive designed for use on difficult surfaces. Applications include football/sports helmets, welding helmets, hard hats, vending machines, road bikes, go-karts, jet skis, powder coated surfaces, polypropylene surfaces, polyethylene surfaces, athletic helmets, bikes, cars, machinery parts and components and other products with moulded or rounded surfaces. Digital printed super sticky high bond labels film is very pliable for most applications with high performance permanent clear pressure sensitive adhesives.

Go digital labels with different types of serial number labels and variable data labels for unique identification of products. There are no plate charges involved to help keep your super strong sticky high bond labels cost low. Our quality digital printing will remain best for your super sticky high temperature labels, reflective vinyl stickers, void labels, hard hat stickers, specialty labels, industrial labels and polycarbonate labels. For all custom sizes and quantity for high bond labels, stickers and decals contact us for assistance and quotes for short runs and low minimums.