September 5, 2015

Medical Stickers

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Medical Stickers

Let us be your dedicated medical stickers manufacturer for all your medical health-care equipment, laboratory labels and hospital stickers. With medical stickers and hospital labels, an accurate labeling can potentially mean the difference between life and death. Our clear see through type syringe labels and medication health care labels help to prevent mis-calculated dosages by detailing the exact specifications for administering medicines. In today's fast paced medical environments, doctors, nurses, and medical assistants are constantly multi-tasking, hopping from patient to patient to perform examinations, discuss diagnoses, treatment methods, and administer medicine doses. To ensure clear communication and prevent potentially life-threatening mistakes, the use of precise, easy-to-read medical stickers and hospital labels is a must. Our wide assortment of medical labels and stickers includes everything you need to flag certain conditions, specify prescriptions and to keep medical and billing files neatly organized and easily accessible. Stay on top of outstanding balances with our cautionary or warning medical billing labels used to flag certain invoices as unpaid. Ask for labels which once applied, will not fall off, Hi-bond labels and Specialty Tamper evident labels or tamper-proof labels for tamper-proof seals on medical equipment and surgical items.

Medical Stickers

At Multicolor Labels we provide quality industrial grade custom medical stickers and hospital labels for medical products, equipment and surgical instruments. Medical and hospital labels printed and used for products identification, pharmaceutical applications, nursing labels, tube changing labels, announcement stickers, binder labels, base labels and chart labels for communication. Self-adhesive medical and hospital labels could be permanent or repositionable for product identification, sequential numbering, bar coding with variable data printing for medical records.

We provide full color, water-proof, all weather-proof, pressure sensitive custom medical and hospital labels and stickers with your design and imprint layouts, tailored to your application in a specific area or practice for medical diagnostic, surgical equipment and instruments for healthcare, physicians hospitals, community and regional hospital centers, regional psychiatric hospitals, memorial hospitals, labels for doctors, public hospitals, general state hospitals, municipal and county hospitals. Labels for healthcare records in outpatient veteran surgical hospitals for emergency and rehabilitation clinics. With unlimited number of colors, we can enhance your medical and hospital products with quality digital printing services at cost effective prices. For diagnostic imaging, you could have all the x-ray labels you need to ensure smooth, reliable radiology processes. From directive and informational labels to health care labels geared to specialty functions such as mammography and MRI.

At Multicolor Labels, we offer a wide array of medical stickers and laboratory labels. We can print numeric stickers, alpha stickers, year codes, and month stickers with our variable data printing solutions. This helps keep your medical files neatly organized and easily accessible. Patient advisory and warning medical labels keep physicians and nurses apprised of any special conditions, allergies, chemical hazards, record confidentiality or required signatures on writable or removable or repositionable media labels.

Ask for extra tough high bond labels that are thick and tough. These extra tough hi-bond labels are durable and thick for heavy duty that provide an extremely durable barrier with resistance to failure in abusive applications. Use the thicker extra tough hi bond labels for extremely durable uses on surfaces for resistance to failure in abusive circumstances. These extra hi-bond labels will conform easier to complex curves too. Ask for labels that will not fall off - High bond labels and Specialty Tamper evident labels or tamper-proof labels. Digital printing enables us to produce labels with low costs and with smaller quantities providing an economical alternative. We could provide you with a reliable printing solution to ensure successful results with our short run, fast turnaround custom printed medical and hospital labels. Medical and hospital labels include various application such as clear see through transparent labels, high visibility safety reflective labels, tamper proof and tamper evident labels, serialized and sequential numbered labels, nutraceutical labels with writable surface or block out labels for covering a written surface. Feel free to contact us to request an instant quote at any time to find the exact price of printing your medical stickers and hospital labels.