September 5, 2015

Numbered Stickers

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We provide a fast turnaround for custom printed numbered stickers, custom sequential numbering and random numbered labels with our full line of bar code and serialization options for product identification. Whether you need serial numbers for nameplates with alpha-numeric sequential numbers, linear bar codes or for serial number product and warranty identification or two dimensional bar codes (2D) for incorporating a broader range of data. Digital printed short run serial number labels and stickers with low minimums can be customized for equipment and for inventory tracking consecutive serial numbers. Serialized number labels are commonly used for asset tag Id stickers, asset tags, asset labels, property ID labels and as tamper-proof warranty or security labels. These can be stand alone serial numbered stickers or incorporated for other types of labels such as a rating labels or bar code labels serving all types of industries.

You could have sequential number ranges with prefixes or suffixes to your specs. Prefixes can be used to reference departments, subsidiaries or divisions of an enterprise. Assets purchased in a specific year can be encoded using letter prefixes or suffixes which would make them read VES-01001 or 01001-VES incorporating additional element which doesn't change within that numerical sequence.

Stand alone sequential numbering of bar code stickers and asset tags typically use numerical sequences beginning with any starting number. For example, an asset numbering sequence could begin with 01001 and would progress to 01002, 01003, etc. Stand alone sequential numbers allow for unique identification of fixed assets.

At Multicolor Labels we print different types of serialized number labels and variable data labels. Tips to consider for easily readable labels when creating serial number labels:

1. Break up long numbers with dashes.
2. Try not to run a string of more than three identical numbers in a row, 98757898797 is expected to be problematic.
3. Using 0 or 1 or O or I in serial numbers that combine letters and numbers, for example, 0O1I59 is inviting troubles.
4. Print your serial numbered stickers as much larger as possible.

If someone is calling a technical support line and they have to read a serial number there is already most likely some level of disappointment. If you can make the serial number easily readable then at least that won't make the situation worse. It is simple to do, costs almost nothing and can only help your business.

Consecutively numbered labels have literally plenty of uses, particularly for tracking, organizing, and logistical purposes. For apartment complex or a university that needs to issue parking permits, you need consecutive labels. For maintaining inventory control at offices, keeping track of trucks in a fleet, putting serial numbers on manufactured products or organizing library books.

Considering its status as a basic labeling product, it comes as no surprise that there are several different types of consecutively numbered labels, and they can take a number of different forms. They may take a form as simple as plain numbers that are meant to be read by eye, or as complex as those bar codes that are read by laser beams -- or they may be a combination of both. Other scan able formats are available as well. Keep track of your equipment with customization and consecutive numbered numbered labels for after sales warranty or inventory tracking. Color codes, spot colors for asset tags can be added if extra levels of complexity are required.

For serialized number labels, you can choose from a wide variety of material types for your specific needs with our digital printing technology. Consecutive number labels are perfect for keeping track of equipment and machinery inventory - or anything that needs tracking. Choose reflective vinyl destructive warranty labels serialized to your specs for auto parts, computer and electronics industry. You can prefer high bond or removable vinyl for your purposes.

At Multicolor Labels we help your company look professional with our high-quality full-color go digital labels with serial number labels and vinyl stickers as window-stickers, Static Clings Decals,specialty labels, void labels, reflective vinyl labels or variable data labels. Contact us for assistance and custom quotes for short runs and low minimums on serial number labels.