September 5, 2015

Perforated Labels

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Perforated Labels Printing

Perforated labels have perforation lines of very small dashes punched into the label surface. These perforated labels give your product a finished, professional look and help reduce tampering of the product. Custom perforated sticker printing with the label perforations on bottle necks with pull out security tabs are meant to avoid product infringement. Label perforations are used on bottle necks as pull out security tabs to avoid product infringement. Self adhesive clear label seals are available in a see thru waterproof vinyl stock and have a standard permanent adhesive.  These perforated crystal clear labels give your product a finished and a professional look.
These perforations allow the various parts of the perforated label to be separated from one another by simply tearing off along the dotted line. We offer stub perfs. The stub perforation is sturdier and can withstand more handling than the microperf. Perforated stickers are most often used for pull out security tags that need to stay intact until the stub tag is pulled off. These labels can be used for sealing many products or projects including medical packaging, specialty groceries, software boxes, electronics, toys, CD cases, sleeves, and box seals.  We offer custom perforations in size or length of perfs or number of dashes reducing or increasing in size and the quantity of perfs required as well. Our perforated labels are used for  coupons, gift certificates, business and industrial applications and for lip balm labels. We could print reflective vinyl labels with serialized numbers or with variable data printing. We have a variety of sizes for multicolor digital printing that will work well for you with and there are no plate charges involved to keep your custom reflective vinyl labels cost low. Go digital labels printing with your perforated labels for heath and beauty labels, pharmaceutical labels, bath and body product stickers and bottle labels. For any custom size and quantity for all your perforated labels, stickers and decals contact us for assistance and quotes for short runs and low minimums.


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