September 5, 2015

QR Code Labels

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QR Code Labels Printing

QR Code Labels Printing

QR code labels help the marketers reach their audience easily in these competitive edge. Quick Response - QR code labels or 2D bar codes is an uprising technology and business. These QR code labels and stickers printed on white background, are readable by QR barcode readers or camera mobile smartphones. The information encoded can be text, URL or other data. Focus on smartphones is huge - in particular with the younger generation and connecting with these consumers means communicating via mobile smartphone devices. Take the advantage of QR code labels with information of your company and products. At Multicolor Labels, we will be happy to print your product labels with a QR code.
QR code labels are two dimensional codes that encrypt a large amounts of data in a square of black and white dots. QR codes will soon become more mainstream everywhere. If you are a local business or a big brand investigating this potential, with QR code labels, you will realize that it has unlimited potentials and opportunities to tap. At Multicolor Labels we help your company look professional with our high-quality full-color variable data labels printing. Go digital labels for custom product labels with QR codes, static clings decals, specialty labels, void labels, reflective vinyl labels or serial number labels or you may opt for the option of bulk packaging labels. Contact us for assistance and custom quotes for short runs and low minimums on QR code labels.