September 5, 2015

Recycling Stickers

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Go green with Recycling Stickers printed on green reflective vinyl. With white ink option we offer the flexibility to print on green reflective vinyl stickers. White ink creates opacity to highlight the text. White graphics and white text stand out on green reflective stickers. These are used for a range of unique applications as reflective green stickers for industrial and electronics components. In addition, we offer white ink that can be printed as an undercoat to increase the opacity. This gives vividness of full-color digital label printing. Versatility, performance and durability come together with green reflective vinyl stickers with the result of attractive reflective recycling stickers and green labels that help impact people with more visibility. More and more professionals, workers, and pedestrians who find themselves in the working area, public places and roadways at night demand for high visibility reflective green stickers for protection with immediate attention impact. Reflective recycling stickers offer opacity, brightness and durability and can be used for color coding or color identification purpose.

Recycling Stickers

This flexible engineering grade retro reflective green stickers provide a wide-angle reflective look of incident light and provide excellent night and day visibility. These are  highly conformable to irregular surfaces including rivets, joints, curves and corners. High intensity, 7 year flexible engineering grade ASTM D 4956-01 Type-I Green Reflective Vinyl is a flexible, glass beaded lens retro reflective green vinyl that renders retro reflectivity at night. Go digital labels with white ink graphics printing on green reflective vinyl stickers, reflective vinyl stickers, orange reflective vinyl labels, hard hat Labels or helmet stickers and labels with white ink printing. For any custom size and quantity for your recycling stickers and green reflective vinyl stickers, you may contact us for assistance and quotes for short runs and low minimums.


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