September 5, 2015

Reflective Decals

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Reflective Decals

High visibility reflective decals and vinyl stickers offer a maximum safety protection when in low light situations for high visibility. Retroflective is the brilliant flashback. Self-adhesive retro-reflective High Visibility Reflective decals on your helmet will make sure that oncoming vehicles will see you. Most ideal for high visibility, safety, warning and for sports goods with great impact in low illuminated areas. These declas and stickers offer high bonding, excellent adhesion to curved and irregular surfaces. Hi-Vis reflective decals and vinyl stickers are used to make an object, person or product visually stand out from the surrounding environment.
All of our high Visibility Reflective Decals are DOT and ASTM rated and approved in all 50 states in the USA and Canada. High intensity, 7 Year Flexible engineering grade ASTM D 4956-01 Type-I Reflective Vinyl is a flexible, glass beaded lens retro reflective vinyl that renders to be retro reflective at night. Our DOT approved retro-reflective vinyl sticker products cover program for the warning and safety market and they meet all specifications required worldwide. High visibility retro reflective vinyl is designed for use on low energy surface areas for high bonding. These are excellent where application to irregular or curved surfaces may be required for example the hard-hats and helmets. These are used on various sports products as these are highly resistant against the extremes of hot, cold, dry and humid weather conditions. The self-adhesive retro-reflective vinyl material is used in a wide range of fields for traffic  safety and warning products, highway and streets. These are used on auto-motive products for high level safety and as promotional products labels too.

Self-adhesive High Visibility Reflective Decals are manufactured with a synthetic resin that strongly resists the deteriorating effect of weathering. Go digital labels printing with high visibility retro reflective vinyl decals with great prices and quick turnaround. We print different types of high visibility retro reflective safety hard hat stickers, reflective vinyl labels and reflective stickers for unique identification. We use the digital printing technology for your reflective vinyl custom stickers and decals for all shapes and sizes making it easy and affordable for high visibility. Feel free to contact us to request an instant quote at any time to find the exact price for printing reflective decals and vinyl safety stickers.



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