September 5, 2015

Safety Stickers

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Safety Stickers are ideal for industrial safety solutions and can be reliably seen even in dark lit areas. Red reflective vinyl returns high levels of light when labels are illuminated by a direct source of light. Even minimal light sources will help these reflective red label by color identification as these stand out in low twilight conditions. Self adhesive red reflective vinyl labels, reflective safety stickers and reflective warning decals are easy "peel n stick" type and come - backed with a specially engineered high bond adhesive for easy initial positioning and a strong ultimate bond. All weather proof resistance makes it ideal for indoor or outdoor - exterior use. Safety Stickers have industrial grade reflectivity with reliable hi bond adhesion and can be custom made in multiple sizes. These are ideal for color identification uses. Safety Stickers can be used to identify hazards, buildings, vehicles, trailers, boats, aircraft, heavy equipment, for instructions, cautions and warnings.

Safety Stickers

These are chemical resistant under normal every day use conditions. In case you are well aware that these will be subjected to harsh chemical washes - example being a car wash where you cannot judge the harshness of different chemicals being used or acidic and alcoholic dips and splashes in a manufacturing area or a laboratory environment, then we suggest you to go for lamination on top. These flexible engineering grade retro reflective red labels provide a wide-angle reflectivity of incident light and provide excellent night and day visibility. These are  highly conformable to irregular surfaces including rivets, joints, curves and corners.

High intensity, 7 year flexible engineering grade ASTM D 4956-01 Type-I Red Reflective Vinyl is a flexible, glass beaded lens retro reflective red vinyl that renders retro reflectivity at night. Go digital labels with white ink printing on red reflective vinyl labels, reflective vinyl stickers, orange reflective labels, hard hat or helmet stickers, specialty labels and removable reflective labels. For any custom size and quantity for your red reflective decals, safety stickers or fluorescent labels, contact us for assistance and quotes for short runs and low minimums.