September 5, 2015

Static Clings

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Static Clings

Static clings decals have no glue. Options available for clear window static clings decals or white static cling decals. Easy to put on and take off. Put them on and just take off and reapply. Window clings
is affordable, re-usable and easy and it works great. Go for removable and repositionable digital printed oil change clear or white static clings stickers with no tape, no glue and no mess. Static holds the decal in place on smooth surfaces such as windshield glass or plastics. Static cling decals are printed on either white or clear clings in various shapes and sizes. Removable static clings decals and stickers can be printed for inside or outside window surfaces. Static cling decals can be removed, re-positioned and reapplied multiple number of times.

We can help you create distinctive decals for advertising or branding, or manufacture. White or clear static cling decals and stickers are used for office, for retail, for car windows, for auto repair shops to place on windshields static, static clings decals to remind the customer of future maintenance requirements, for Next Oil Change Labels, Next Service Due Labels, Service Performed Labels, Static Cling Camping Permits, Static Cling Visitor Passes, Transparent Static Cling Windshield Labels and more. Window Clings, Static Clings, Static Clings Window Film are the forms of static cling decals and stickers. Window clings are great for business and personal use. Static cling decals can be removed and reused as often as required and affixed for years. Static Clings are ideal for promotions, events or identification and are easy to install and change and there is no residue left when the material is removed.

Custom static clings decals and stickers are used for Parking Permits, Window Decals, Store Hours, Appliances, Automotive, School Associations and Member Associations too. Custom static cling vinyl stickers are very effective for promoting your business, school, club, or association and point of purchase displays. Static Cling Decals and stickers can be used on a variety of objects including flexible for curved surfaces work well with indoor or outdoor applications.

Static Clings

Which are personalized in a great way to get the effect of an adhesive decal while still allowing the freedom and flexibility of removing and reapplying the static cling film whenever you need. Window cling film will stick to glass or any other non-porous flat surface via static cling rather than an adhesive. Our window cling decals can be mounted on either side of the window, and both sides of the window cling sticker are able to cling to the window. We also can produce your window cling decal on clear static cling vinyl.

For custom digital printed static cling labels, we have the capabilities to turn it around in a timely and affordable manner, without any compromise on quality. With a full range of facilities we can produce a range of different types of digital printed labels for our clients in Toronto and other cities across Canada and the USA. Our online digital printed labels services are ideal for those in need of double quick turnaround times. At Multicolor Labels we help you or your company look professional with our high-quality full-color custom Static Cling Decals and Stickers and Labels . Contact us for assistance and custom quotes on custom window stickers, specialty labels or void labels or reflective vinyl labels, stickers and decals. You may contact us for any further assistance.