September 5, 2015

Tamper Evident Labels

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Tamper Evident Labels and White void labels are used for security, warning, warranty and barcodes. White void labels will adhere very well to most surfaces. Even if you try to replace the tag by sticking it down in the same position again, it will be apparent that tampering has taken effect. These labels leave the word "VOID" when removed from item. Tamper evident labels indicating "VOID" sticker face stock will void upon attempted removal of label from substrate.

Tamper Evident Labels

After application, these materials require up to 24 hours for the VOID release feature to be fully functional. The VOID sticker adhesive has excellent durability under a variety of adverse conditions. Tamper evident labels and tamper evident seals provide complete tampering protection to a wide range of packaged goods. As a safety measure, these labels separate into layers when attempts are made for its removal. When removal is attempted the labelled surface is marked with a white "VOID" pattern. The removed label is rendered useless by becoming clear in "VOID" areas These white face stock void labels provide greater durability. Permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive bonds well to a wide variety of surfaces including metal, low and high surface energy plastics, powder coated paints, paints and polycarbonates. White void labels with high performance adhesive which exhibits very good chemical and elevated temperature shear resistance. These are widely used in logistics, banks and IT.

Security white void labels for cargoes, shipments, properties, automobiles and security services are available in different forms of void labels, silver void labels, destructive labels, security labels ordouble layer labels. Feel free to request an instant quote at any time to find the price of printing your custom security white void tamper evident labels and stickers and contact us for assistance.



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