September 5, 2015

Warranty Stickers

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We provide warranty stickers that are tamper-proof and tamper evident type. These are known as warranty void seals or calibration security seals. These labels are used for industrial products, equipment systems and components. We provide full color digital printing services for warranty labels. These warranty labels are very useful for system builders and re-sellers safety for new or used car warranty, extended warranties, vehicle warranty, automobile warranty, extended auto warranty, home warranty, appliance warranty, auto repair warranty, dealer warranty, direct warranty services, factory warranty, certified appliance warranty, warranty void stickers or for warranty "void if tampered" stickers and labels and limited warranty stickers.
For digital printed warranty stickers or warranty "void if removed" labels, we have the capabilities to turn it around in a timely and affordable manner, without any compromise on quality. With a full range of facilities we can produce a range of different types of digital printed labels for our clients in Toronto and all over other cities across Canada and the USA. Our online digital printed labels services are ideal for those in need of double quick turnaround times and at Multicolor labels we are most happy to have some important and prestigious companies as our clients, who we have managed to do continuous business with due to our commitment to a high level of customer service and cost efficiency.
Go digital labels for printed warranty labels and warranty void if removed seals - tamper proof stickers and tamper evident labels for the use as high bond labels, void labels, custom stickers, destructive labels, security labels or double layer labels for appliances and equipment, on auto vehicles and for consumer products as well. Feel free to request an instant quote at any time to find the exact price for printing your custom warranty stickers or contact us for assistance.


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